Thoughts from a Family Drive

I seem to remember that the conversation sparked from the idea of going out in a blaze of glory in Grand Theft Auto would possibly lead to the Valkyries taking the character away

Hell in Matthew

Having covered the remarkably few mentions of Hell in the other Gospels, we now turn our attention to the book of Matthew. In stark contrast to the other Gospels, Matthew seems absolutely chock full of Hell. This, in itself, raises an issue: if an understanding of Hell is so important, and Jesus's mission on Earth … Continue reading Hell in Matthew

Hell? No.

Fear of Hell tortures multitudes of people. From the devout, to the deconverting, to the nominal believer, to the completely unreligious who still have some little flicker of fear in the back of their minds, the threat of eternal, conscious, fiery torment hangs over people's hearts and minds. If I can unpick and unpack this threat in order to expose it as false, unfounded, and untenable, perhaps I can help to alleviate those fears and bring peace to those afraid to take the next step away from their abusive relationship with faith.