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Thank you for taking a moment to investigate my little corner of the blogosphere. It is my intention to remain generally anonymous in this blog. Many of the things I wish to discuss would be bogged down in hurt feelings and personal arguments if I named names or gave away specifics. Anyone who truly knows me would have no trouble figuring out who I am, but I would like to keep this blog about stories, experiences, question, and ideas, and also to make it a safe place for me and you to discuss deep issues without fear. Now, the basics: I am a married, father of three in my early 40s, and I am an American expat settled in the UK. Mostly, I am a man trying to make sense of a life that I have begun to look back upon in a very new light and I am finding that almost all of my most basic assumptions were based upon very shaky ground; namely deeply flawed people and a dangerously unsound belief system. I hope you enjoy participating in this adventure with me. Please feel free to get in touch with feedback, comments, ideas, or whatever you feel needs to be said.